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$ 20.00 USD

Precision Control Gel Eyeliner

Matte Gel Pencil - for creating rich, ultra-black and intense lines

    Not all lines are created equal, so choose the right precision tool for the eyeliner look you’re trying to achieve. Our Matte Gel Pencil is the perfect blend of the color intensity of the darkest kohl liners and the precision and lasting power of a gel.

    • Glides on effortlessly like a liquid
    • Ultra-rich color and intense payoff
    • Water resistant and long-lasting
    • Gentle enough for the waterline
    • Cruelty-free & Vegan


    “Inspired by the art world’s finest archival inks and infamous French charcoal pencils, each liner in the Illustrative Eyeliner collection is impeccably designed and carefully crafted. We put the utmost most care and integrity we thought of everything that we love in a liner—from the tip of the brush and flow of the ink to the intensity of the jet black shade—when developing this pen. I really hope it inspires you to unleash your inner artist. Happy creating!” – Michelle Phan


    Use a cosmetic sharpener for sharpening 

    1.3g / 0.04 oz.




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