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Brand Ethos

At EM, we strive to bring experiences that illuminate your inner radiance... creating intuitive, everyday moments of self-care that celebrates your uniqueness and lifts your mood.

We develop products with painstaking purpose, from formulation to packaging. We combine refined textures with skin-nourishing ingredients for a high-performing elevated experience that is simple to use and looks incredible on your skin, no matter your age or skill level.

We hope that every moment with us leaves you feeling nourished and your best self.

The Founder

I have always loved that makeup allowed me to enhance my authentic self, but knew that it can be super overwhelming with all of the products and techniques out there. I became a beauty creator to explore my own approach to beauty and share my experience with the things that worked for me. As my career evolved, I became a "godmother" of beauty tutorials and like a big sister to my viewers. So I created EM Cosmetics for my younger self, my viewers and anyone in pursuit of their inner magic.

Wherever you are on your beauty journey, I hope our products help you feel empowered to be your own best makeup artist and embrace your natural beauty and harness the magic that's uniquely yours.

In Vietnamese, "em" is an affectionate term for a younger sibling.

Our Products

Formulation Philosophy

To say that we obsess over developing the best formulas in the market is an understatement. Michelle and our product development team travel the globe to develop the most unique and innovative formulations. Whether it's an artisan, hand-baked powder in Italy, specialized pearls in France to unique, sensorial textures found only in Japan, we don't compromise. We never rush products to market, taking the time we need to perfect subtle details that take performance from great to unmatched.

Commitment to Clean

Clean formulations is a requirement for every product we develop, but we also develop formulas that are safe for all skin types. Our products are:

*Excluding Pick Me Up Length & Volume Mascara
**Excluding Illustrative Eyeliner Brush Tip
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