Meet Almir + Co. The Artist Behind the Masterpiece Collection Sculptures

Meet Almira from Almir + Co., the artist behind the Masterpiece Collection sculptures and columns. These home decor art pieces are handcrafted in their studio in Los Angeles. Almiri & Co. create their own molds, and they strive for sustainability with their formulation, paster and hemp. The intent behind their methods is to conserve resources, from the air drying process to water usage. 


EM: What inspired you to get into handcrafted plaster home decor, and begin Almir + Co.!

Almira: My inspiration came from my love for baroque and renaissance era interior. I love how rich in history and culture it is and I wanted to recreate it with my own twist. Plaster and hemp mix creates a luxurious piece without breaking the bank. 

EM: When it comes to creating sculptures, where do you like to find art inspiration?

Almira: I find inspiration through museum visits, photographs? a lot of interior books and Pinterest.

EM: If you could only have one sculpture piece in your home forever which would it be and why? 

Almira: The roman pillar as it it such a timeless piece very rich in history and can be used in a lot of ways. Elevates any space. 

EM: We are so excited that the Pedestal you hand crafted will be in our Masterpiece Collection Vault Set, how does the creative process take place, in bringing to life this elegant sculpture? What makes it so special? 

Almira: I want to recreate our best seller roman pedestal with a cherub into a mini version for a desk or shelf decor. It can be used as a makeup/plant/accessories holder or by itself

EM: What does being an artist and creator mean to you? How do you hope to inspire others? 

Almira: Being able to express yourself freely and letting your imagination run wild without any limitations.



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