At EM, we strive to create products that illuminate your inner radiance. We believe that your beauty experience should be an intuitive, everyday moment of self-care that celebrates your uniqueness and lifts your mood.


We develop with integrity and purpose in everything we touch, in every step of the formulation and packaging process. Leading with intention, we combine refined textures with skin-nourishing ingredients for a high-performing, elevated experience that is simple to use, whether you’re a beauty novice or a bonafide pro.


We hope that every moment with us leaves you feeling nourished and your best self.












  • We nurture a culture of creativity, collaboration & passion

  • We thrive on imagination and encourage innovation while respecting each other’s ideas

  • We are each empowered and accountable in our roles

  • We strive for balance, respecting time away from work to replenish and re-energize

  • We embrace connection and positivity, while being supportive and empathetic of each other

  • Having fun while working hard is a must!



As a young girl, I loved to play dress-up. I’d put on my mom’s clothes and makeup and transform myself into the glamorous, grown-up woman I imagined I would one day be. From the moment I drew the first line on my eyes, I knew that makeup was a powerful form of self-expression. It wasn’t about hiding who I was but enhancing my most authentic self — even if my lines were a little uneven back then.


Beauty was exciting to me, but in the beginning it was super overwhelming. Brands made everything seem easy but figuring out how to use the tools and apply products was more difficult than it looked on TV. Even though I had so much to learn, I knew that creating a beautiful look and feeling confident in your skin should be uncomplicated. That glamorous grown-up somewhere in me was determined to figure it out. 

I became a creator to explore my own approach to beauty and share my experience with the things that worked for me. As my career evolved, I became a “godmother” of beauty tutorials and like a big sister to my viewers. In Vietnamese, “em” is an affectionate term for a younger sibling. I created EM Cosmetics for my younger self, my viewers, and anyone in pursuit of their inner magic. 


At EM, our approach to beauty is somewhere between sensible and sublime. We put our products first, designing each one with purpose. From the textures and shapes to the skin-nourishing ingredients, we believe your routine should not only be effortless but also feel like a form of self-care. 

Wherever you are on your beauty journey, I hope our products help you feel empowered to be your own best makeup artist and embrace your natural beauty with a bit of magic that’s uniquely yours — uneven lines and all. 





To say that we obsess over developing the best formulas in the market is an understatement. Michelle and our product development team travel the globe to develop the most unique and innovative formulations.  Whether it’s an artisan, hand-baked powder in Italy, specialized pearls in France to unique, sensorial textures found only in Japan, we don’t compromise. We never rush products to market, taking the time we need to perfect subtle details that take performance from great to unmatched.


The secret? We are an independently owned brand, solely owned and funded by Michelle. We are not held to the demands of investors or retailers' timelines. We create our own product launch calendars, but if we aren't ready, we will delay any project. It means that we can stand behind the integrity and quality behind every product. We hope that you can feel and see the intention and care with each product and application.



The cream stick blush that’s as soft as a cloud, and blends like a dream like no other…the multichromatic eyeshadow with an otherwordly souffle-like texture…the cushion foundation with an unbelievable skin-like finish and SPF 50 protection. We live to create that extra sprinkle of magic that leaves you swooning about your makeup routine, helps you celebrate your natural beauty effortlessly and leaves a smile on your face.



Clean formulations is a requirement for every product we develop, but we also know that it is not just about being clean, but that formulas are safe for all skin types. Every single product in our assortment is:

  •                      Cruelty-free

  •                      Hypoallergenic

  •                      Dermatologist tested

  •                      Formulated without gluten ingredients

  •                      Formulated without PFOs/PFAs

We work everyday to increase this list; see our website product pages for specific additional claims we have on our products.