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Beauty Secrets With Korean Skincare Expert Charlotte Cho!

Charlotte Cho is the definition of a skincare expert. Not only is she a licensed esthetician, but she is also the founder of two major Korean skincare lines based in New York City— Soko Glam and Then I Met You. She is known for popularizing the 10-Step Korean Skincare routine and helping people discover Korean skincare, beauty trends, and cosmetics in the West. Without further adieu, let's get into Charlotte's beauty secrets!

EM: What is your skincare morning routine like?

CC: I start off with the Cleansing Duo, which starts with the Living Cleansing Balm to remove oil-based impurities like natural oils and last night's skin care routine, and is followed by the Soothing Tea Gel Cleanser in the shower. The natural aromas of the two cleansers awaken my senses and gets me ready for the day. After I hop out of the shower and dry my hair, I tap in the Then I Met You Birch Milk Refining Toner, and the Giving Essence. The toner has 1% acids so it keeps my skin smooth and pores refined, it has even helped me get rid of my hormonal acne. The Giving Essence I use afterwards plumps my skin up with moisture and it brightens it. Then I add a light moisturizer, before adding on the Neogen Day Light Sunscreen.

EM: What is your morning ritual after finishing your skincare routine?

CC: After my skincare routine is finished, I go straight into drying my hair with a blow dryer and change into my day's clothes. Then I sit in front of my vanity to do my makeup, while listening to my favorite podcast, Pivot. Then before heading out the door for work, I make myself an oat matcha latte to take to the office in a thermos!

EM: What is your number 1 beauty secret?

CC: Makeup always looks better on hydrated and healthy skin, so think skin-first! Also, it's an investment in your skin, that you won't regret.

EM: What are your 5 must-have beauty products?

CC: This is a hard, hard question. 

EM Cosmetics | Illustrative Liner Brush Tip

EM Cosmetics | Heaven's Glow in Faded Clementine

Then I Met You | Living Cleansing Balm

Then I Met You | Birch Milk Refining Toner

Neogen | Day-Light Sunscreen

EM: What EM product(s) do you not leave your house without?

CC: I'm not joking when I say my entire makeup bag is filled with EM. I cannot live with the Illustrative Liner Brush Tip, which helps me get a perfect cat eye so easily! I have several stashed away underneath my sink when I need to replenish. I also always have the Heaven's Glow in Faded Clementine for any touchups throughout the day. It's such a natural glow, that works best with my olive undertones. The Lip Cushion is such a beautiful formula, moisturizing and a perfect color compliment to my lips. I can see I'm not the only one, because as I'm writing this, all of these 3 are currently sold out on I'm waiting for the day EM comes out with a mascara and a foundation cushion. Then my makeup bag will truly be complete. 

EM: What is your 5-minute makeup routine when you are in a rush?

CC: I don't put on a lot of makeup, because my focus is on my skin. After sunscreen, I use a bit of concealer for any obvious pigmentation, then lightly tap in cushion foundation (which also has SPF protection). Then I put a bit of eye primer on my lids, before lightly brushing on a light brown to neutral colored eyeshadow. I line my eyes with the Illustrative Eyeliner - Brush Tip. I use Heaven's Glow in Faded Clementine to add a bit of color to my cheeks, and use the same brush to define my nose and even contour the sides of my face and chin. It's so multi-functional, I love it. Lastly, I use the Lip Cushion to keep my lips moist and plush. I don't need to touch up my brows because I have them microbladed, and I try to not use mascara, unless I have a particular event or meeting I need to look good for. All of this takes me less than 5 minutes, and it's my daily go-to routine.

EM: Is there any advice would you give your younger self?

CC: Take more photos! Now that I am 34, I look back at all my photos from even just 5-6 years ago, and I wish I had taken more. It's so easy for me to feel self-conscious about how I look in the moment based on my own insecurities, but trust me, you'll look back at those memories and photos and think you looked great!

EM: If you could go back in time which beauty product would you have started to use sooner?

CC: Sunscreen! It's one of those products that definitely protects your skin from the long term effects of sun exposure, which includes brown spots and wrinkles! And it doesn't surface right away, it'll show up later and then you'll regret it. Let's just say, I should have listened to my mom!

We hope you learned some new tips from Charlotte, we definitely did! Keep up with all her beauty trends and secrets by following Charlotte on Instagram @charlottejcho 


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