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We're Here With You.

During these times of sudden change and uncertainty, we must depend on ourselves and others to spread positivity to move towards a brighter tomorrow. Here are some ways that the EM team is practicing social distancing and using this time wisely to better ourselves and our community!

It's more important than ever to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily schedule. Exercise helps reduce stress and anxiety and overall helps keep you healthy. Here are some sources to get a workout in at home!

Youtube Videos:

We recommend Cloe Ting, Blogilates, and Holly Dolke.

Free Online Classes:

Many workout studios are offering free workout videos. Check with your local gyms or studios to see if they are offering anything during this time! But here are a few we have been enjoying: 

★ Pvolve (free 30 days with code OnePvolve)

★ Corepower Yoga

★ litmethod (one month free)


    ★ Kayla Itsines

    ★ Sami Clarke

    ★ Box Union— They go live on Instagram twice a day.

    ★ Popsugar Fitness

    Go on walks or hikes:

    Just be sure to go to isolated areas and keep your distance from others.

    ★ Read more!

    ★ Meditate. There are tons of guided mediation routines on YouTube if you need a little help!

    ★ Extra-long self-care routines. If anything you will come out of this glowing!

    ★ Find some new and inspiring podcasts to listen to.

    ★ Create a mood board! These can be physical or digital. Get creative and get inspired. 🙂

        ★ Write letters (yes, handwritten on paper) to your loved ones. It will make them smile.

        ★ Call or Facetime your family every day. Check-in and see how they are doing.

        ★ Have a movie night! Social distancing style 😉Use Netflix Party to watch a movie with all your friends— you can even talk in the chatbox!

            ★ Let the restaurants and food delivery services you're depending on know that you appreciate them by leaving a generous tip.

            ★ Buy gift cards from local businesses. There are many service-based businesses such as beauty salons, gyms, smaller cafes, etc. that have had to take a temporary hiatus at the moment and are struggling. While you can't take advantage of this now, you can in the future!

            ★ If you know anyone who is disabled or elderly and unable to go out during this time, offer them help! Get them groceries and any other necessities they may need during this time.

            ★ Foster a pet— Animal shelters across the country have put out messages asking people to consider becoming pet fosters to prepare for any impact coronavirus may have on their ability to take care of the animals.

            We are with you during this time of uncertainty, sending you love, encouragement, and good health as we navigate this time together. Share some of the ways you're staying motivated and positive in the comment section below. 

            Stay safe and healthy, and remember you're not alone ❤️

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