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Our favorite time of year is quickly approaching and while holiday shopping may be fun, it can also be stressful! We're here to help you impress everyone on your list this year. From the beauty beginner to beauty enthusiast, EM has got you covered. 


For the beauty lover that enjoys experimenting and trying new trends.

The limited-edition Holy Grails Sets are filled with our best selling shades! Any beauty enthusiast would love to play and experiment with these products.

Holy Grails | Neutral includes Color Drops Serum Blush in Rose Milk, True Gloss in Mochi Mochi, Illustrative Brush Tip Eyeliner in Black, and a Petite Infinite Lip Cloud in Rose Nude.

Holy Grails | Vibrant includes Color Drops Serum Blush in Pink Nectar, True Gloss in Tender Rose, Illustrative Brush Tip Eyeliner in Black, and a Petite Infinite Lip Cloud in Muted Mauve.

Left to right

Illustrative Eyeliner | Matte Gel Pencil: This pencil glides on like a dream and can be used to line the eyes or to create a sultry smokey eye.

Infinite Lip Cloud | Faded Clementine: A beautiful and wearable orange shade to add a pop of color to your makeup look. A must-try for all beauty enthusiasts. 

Infinite Lip Cloud | Red Divine: A true red liquid lipstick is a necessity in everyone's makeup bag!

Micro-fluff Sculpting Brow Cream: A must for every beauty lover. Not only is this product easy to use, but it defines and adds natural volume to your brows. 



For someone who wants to start experimenting, but don't know where to start...

EM's limited-edition Celestial Petite Sets are the perfect gift for any beauty beginner! Filled with two petite versions of our best selling True Gloss or Infinite Lip Cloud shades. This set is the ultimate stocking stuffer and it's only $12!

Celestial Petites | True Gloss includes Moroccan Sunset and Caramel Glaze.

Celestial Petites | Infinite Lip Clouds includes Rose Nude and Faded Clementine.

Left to right

Micro-fluff Sculpting Brow Cream: An easy and effortless way to lift, shape, and sculpt your brows to precise perfection!

Color Drops Serum Blush | Rose Milk: This blush is sheer and easy to apply—all you have to do is add one drop to the back of your hand, smile, and dab the product onto the apples of your cheeks. Rose Milk is a blush pink color and is the perfect shade for a beauty beginner since it adds only a subtle flush to the cheeks.

Infinite Lip Cloud | Magic Hour: A peachy nude lip that is universally flattering and easy to wear! For a natural pop of color, apply the product with your fingers and dab ontop lips. 

Illustrative Eyeliner | Brush Tip in Brown: Beauty beginners will have a more controlled application with this eyeliner. Plus, the brown shade is a more natural look than black.


For that person who loves to make a statement and play with bold shades.

Left to right 

Illustrative Eyeliner | Felt Tip: Perfect for a bold wing or graphic eyeliner look.

True Gloss | Magenta Magic: This shade is perfect for a bright pop of color during the day or at night!

True Gloss | Ruby Wine: A beautiful bright burgundy that definitely makes a statement. 

Color Drops Serum Blush | Soft Amethyst: Our boldest Serum Blush is a rose berry that gives you that beautiful flush you get after your second glass of wine. 

Infinite Lip Cloud | Evening Primrose: This vibrant fuschia is a must in every bold beauty's makeup bag. Pro tip: it can also be applied as a blush!


Michelle's holy grail products that she can't live without. You can't go wrong with these! 

Our limited-edition Magical Moments Sets are not only our customer's favorites but Michelle's most beloved EM products as well! 

Magical Moment | Faded Clementine includes True Gloss in Faded Clementine, Infinite Lip Cloud in Faded Clementine, and Illustrative Brush Tip Eyeliner in Black.

Magical Moment | Magic Hour includes True Gloss in Magic Hour, Infinite Lip Cloud in Magic Hour, and Illustrative Brush Tip Eyeliner in Black.

Left to right 

True Gloss | Moroccan Sunset: "It's a beautiful jewel tone on your lips that is universal and flattering on most skin tones." -Michelle Phan

True Gloss | Caramel Glaze: "It's the perfect nude gloss that looks like your lips but better." -Michelle Phan

Color Drops Serum Blush | Pink Nectar: "This shade offers a youthful watermelon glow that reminds me of a perfect day in the spring." -Michelle Phan

Infinite Lip Cloud | Rose Nude: "This shade is easy to wear, I just need a small amount for your lips but better color." -Michelle Phan

Well, there you have it—our gift guide to all things EM. We hope that we can play a part in making this holiday season truly unforgettable for you and your loved ones!

Are You Warm, Neutral, or Cool?

Warm: looks the best in peach, coral, terracotta, warm brown, bronze and gold.

Neutral: looks the best in rose, berry, mauve, taupe, soft pinks, brown, and grey.

Cool: looks the best in icy pink, wine, cool grey, black, and silver.

Are You Soft or Bight?

Soft: looks best in a more blended palette. Low contrast with natural brows and rounded facial contours.

Bright: looks best in bolder, more vibrant statement colors. High contrast with defined brows and facial contours.



Warm & Bright & Lively



Cool & Soft & Elegant