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Doe Lashes x EM Cosmetics

Doe x EM

We've partnered up with Doe Lashes for the most heavenly, fluttery eye look of the season. Our Divine Eyes collaboration celebrates the perfect pairing of our classic Divine Skies Eyeshadow Palettes and gentle dreaminess of Doe Lashes.

Meet the Founder: Jason Wong

1. Can you share with us your journey behind Doe Lashes?

Doe was born out of my curiosity. I was observing my girlfriend at the time putting on her lashes and noticed how uncomfortable she seemed with what she was using. They were difficult to put on and irritated her eyes after they stayed in place. I took it as a fun side project to make the perfect pair of false lashes and started it with $500. It became my passion to continue building the brand to create a line of eye products that you can look good and feel good in. A few years later we're the #1 lash brand on Tiktok and one of the fastest growing lash brands on the market.

2. Do you have a favorite launch/moment at Doe?

It has to be our first influencer collaboration with the creator Jessica Vu (Jessyluxe). The process to create lashes of Jessica's dreams took a lot longer than we expected because we wanted to get every minor detail down to absolute perfection, so it made the launch feel just so much more satisfying. We had no idea how our first brown hair lash would do and it ended up selling out much quicker than we expected. It proved to us what great story-telling from the creator combined with the brand equity we've built over the years could do to make a successful launch.

3. Who's an AAPI brand founder you really admire and why?

There are so many that I wish I could list them all, but the one that comes to mind immediately has to be Jeremy Kim from Nectar. I love his loud and bold approach to bring Asian flavored hard seltzer to the western market. He understands how to work social media to get exposure to his business on a budget, and seeing his stories on their successes and failures made me respect him so much more.

4. What advice would you give those who are thinking of starting a business?

Have a really clear 'why' on going down this path, because it won't always be sunshines and rainbows. Matter of fact, most of the time you're going to feel like you're barely above water, and it likely will feel like that for a long time before the tides turn. If you have a strong conviction and reason to become an entrepreneur, you can weather the ups and downs of the business. If you're just in it because it seems like a great opportunity to make money, the reality will hit you hard.


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Are You Warm, Neutral, or Cool?

Warm: looks the best in peach, coral, terracotta, warm brown, bronze and gold.

Neutral: looks the best in rose, berry, mauve, taupe, soft pinks, brown, and grey.

Cool: looks the best in icy pink, wine, cool grey, black, and silver.

Are You Soft or Bight?

Soft: looks best in a more blended palette. Low contrast with natural brows and rounded facial contours.

Bright: looks best in bolder, more vibrant statement colors. High contrast with defined brows and facial contours.



Warm & Bright & Lively



Cool & Soft & Elegant