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Komorebi Face + Cheek Brush

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A modern artisanal creation, inspired by "komorebi," a Japanese phrase for the light that filters elegantly between trees. Sublimely soft vegan bristles are designed with a balance of density and flexibility for filtering powder, cream and liquid products gently onto your cheeks.

  • Customized, smaller angled brush head allows for maximum precision and versatility
  • Weighted polished ebony wood will have varying color and grain patterns
  • Semi-densely packed vegan bristles to blend makeup without disrupting complexion products below
  • Debossed EM Cosmetics logo on handle
  • Angled brush head for dual purposes: the flat side for large surface areas, and the angled tip for narrow areas.
  • Great for multiple formula textures, from powders, to creams, to serums.
  • Gently clean with soap and warm water, softly pat bristles dry and remold, lay flat to dry
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan