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Michelle relaunch EM COSMETICS for full brand ownership and visionary expression. A new chapter was born.

Since then, EM has continued to be a home for an incredibly creative and passionate team. Inspired by Michelle's empowering and inspirational leadership approach, we worked together to develop our company values and culture that we commit to everyday.


We strive to create products that illuminate your inner radiance. We believe that your beauty experience should be an intuitive, everyday moment of self-care that celebrates your uniqueness and lifts your mood.

We develop with integrity and purpose in everything we touch, in every step of the formulation and packaging process. Leading with intention, we combine refined textures with skin-nourishing ingredients for a high-performing, elevated experience that is simple to use, whether you’re a beauty novice or a bonafide pro.

We hope that every moment with us leaves you feeling nourished and your best self.




✧ We nurture a culture of creativity, collaboration & passion

✧ We thrive on imagination and encourage innovation while respecting each other’s ideas

✧ We are each empowered and accountable in our roles

✧ We strive for balance, respecting time away from work to replenish and re-energize

✧ We embrace connection and positivity, while being supportive and empathetic of each other

✧ Having fun while working hard is a must!


    Are You Warm, Neutral, or Cool?

    Warm: looks the best in peach, coral, terracotta, warm brown, bronze and gold.

    Neutral: looks the best in rose, berry, mauve, taupe, soft pinks, brown, and grey.

    Cool: looks the best in icy pink, wine, cool grey, black, and silver.

    Are You Soft or Bight?

    Soft: looks best in a more blended palette. Low contrast with natural brows and rounded facial contours.

    Bright: looks best in bolder, more vibrant statement colors. High contrast with defined brows and facial contours.



    Warm & Bright & Lively



    Cool & Soft & Elegant