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A Complete Autumn Beauty Routine for the Girl on the Go

Autumn brings about many exciting changes! But if there’s one change you definitely need to make this season, it’s your beauty routine. Dermatologist Dr. Kendra Bergstrom says that weather changes can affect your skin’s health and even its appearance. As your skin becomes more dry and sensitive, you may notice that your trusted skincare and makeup products may not give the best results anymore. To help you transition your beauty routine for the cooler autumn season, here’s a complete beauty routine that you can stick to—even when you’re on the go!

Skincare Routine for Fall

Due to the drier air and cooler temperature, you may be tempted to layer on numerous moisturizing products. The good news is that you don’t have to! A lengthy skincare regimen may cause adverse reactions to your skin, especially if the products have conflicting active ingredients. On the other hand, you can simplify your skincare routine and get better results by using the right skincare products in the correct order. In fact, you'll only need to add serums on top of your basic skincare routine to give your skin exactly what it needs in autumn. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Cleanse your skin

Before heading out the door, it’s important to prep your skin! You can use cleansers with benzoyl peroxide if you’re battling acne this season or even moisturizing cleansers for an added hydration boost.

Step 2: Use a hydrating serum

You can add extra moisture to dehydrated skin by using a rich oil serum that can nourish and protect your skin barriers. This will prevent transepidermal water loss, which can strip your skin’s natural moisture, making it dry and dull. Plus, since serums often come in dropper bottles, you can bring them with you everywhere and use them as needed.

Step 3: Moisturize your skin

Moisturizers are essential products all year long! You just need to use a thicker, cream-based formula to protect your skin during the cooler months. Apply your hydrating moisturizer on top of your chosen serum to ensure that your skin gets all the moisture it needs.

Step 4: Add some sun protection

Yup, you’ll still need a sunblock even when you can’t see the sun on most days. Dermatologist Dr. Isha Tiernan states that the UVA rays from the sun can penetrate windshields and go through clouds. So every morning, make it a habit to apply sunscreen.

Autumn Makeup Look

Once your base is ready, it’s time to do your fall makeup routine! When it comes to creating an autumn makeup look, you need to pay attention to two things: the finish and the colors. These ensure that your skin looks radiant and hydrated even through the cold months of autumn. Of course, an autumn makeup look is not complete without neutral or cool-toned products, since these colors are more fitting for the darker and cooler months. With the right mix of tones and hues, you can create a fitting makeup look with just a few staple products! Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Enhance your complexion

The Daydream Cushion is your best friend if you’re constantly on the move. Its sheer buildable formula can refine your complexion, while its SPF properties can protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Just press the puff into the cushion and use the mirror as you dab the product across your face.

Step 2: Contour your face

No makeup sponge or brush? No problem! The So Soft Multi Faceplay has a creamy lightweight formula that easily blends with just your fingertips. Swipe the product on the perimeters of your face for a cool-toned contour fitting for autumn.

Step 3: Add a pop of color

By adding color to your cheeks, you can prevent your dark autumn makeup from looking flat. The So Soft Blush is a crème blush stick that has a vibrant shade range and a satin skin-like finish. Use your fingertips to dab this product all over your cheeks for a radiant flush.

Step 4: Perfect your pout

Your lips will remain soft through the cold months, thanks to our gentle lip products. Start by applying the Soft Blur Velvet Lip Liner, which contains moisturizing ingredients condition your lips. Apply it along your lip line for a natural look or go a bit over the edge if you want a fuller pout. Then, cover your lips with the Long-Wearing Lip Crème, which has a velvety and soft finish. Its luscious formula won’t dry out your lips, even after you’ve worn it for hours!

And that's it! Follow these steps to sneak in a full autumn beauty routine in your busy schedule.

Written by Alyssa Shane Mckay
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