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love me for me

flawless finish powder compact


inspired by the girl who wants an everything powder to take everywhere.

it's great to have a powder that can multi-task as much as you do! the everything powder: super versatile to wear alone, over makeup or use as a touch-up.



shell 09

In Stock

 in color shell 09

ways to wear


first, use the powder compact as a foundation. apply alone or after your moisturizer and primer. this formula provides natural coverage with a flawless finish


you can also use this powder compact to set your liquid foundation for an all day fresh look. it's best to use an all over face brush to wisp it on and set. now you’re good to go!


use the powder compact on the go for instant touchups. oily nose? oh no! just swipe a hint of powder to refresh your makeup.

Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews


by 123 people

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like the powder; love the foundation

Mar 19, 2015

  • alabaster 03

the shade match was pretty amazing (although i probably should've gone for porcelain 02) and the powder is smooth, with buildable coverage, and mattifies the face without making it look flat. the foundation is what really blew me away, though, and i wish i could buy it on its own. it's lightweight enough that it doesn't feel like i have makeup caked on my face, but it covers all my flaws, and i almost never have to use concealer when i use this foundation, which i love. it applies well with a brush, a sponge, or with your fingers. i was completely blown away. i really hope they make it available to buy on its own, soon. i'll definitely be purchasing a new powder compact and foundation as soon as mine run out.

best powder <3

Feb 25, 2015

  • linen 08

this is one of the best powder i've ever used. the color is perfect for my face


Feb 13, 2015

  • flesh 05

It isn't chalky at all. It is the perfect texture for my skin. I does a great job doing a light cover up for my nose and blemishes healing that don't need a lot of coverage, just that little but of cover up

Perfect shade!

Feb 5, 2015

  • porcelain 02

light to medium coverage! i had the opportunity to test out my shade at GenBeauty last year and when I saw the deal during Christmas, I snagged it! And boy was it the best Christmas ever! I love this powder and the foundation it came with it. I will purchase it again once it runs out. i received comments on the coverage and how nicely it brightens the face! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Jan 19, 2015

  • ivory 01

This is perfect, it conceals everything and holds all of my liquid makeup! Its not cake-y at all!

Perfect match!

Jan 9, 2015

  • linen 08

the liquid foundation is amazing! It so light and when it dries, its like wearing no make up. Very light! And the powder is like perfect match! my skin is so sensitive, i was afraid id break out (usually when i put make up on) so i wore both for a whole week! No breakouts! Miracle! Now i can finally wear make up without worrying about breaking out the next day! I love it!!!


Jan 2, 2015

  • neutral 14

Ok so I was skeptical about trying this out, because I didn't know how I could purchase a foundation online and it actually match my skin tone. After so much research and staring at pictures and colors I picked neutral 14 and can I say omg! Dead on!!! I couldn't believe it I got the powder and the liquid foundation and my face is so flawless I'm in love!! This will be my go to every time!! It's amazing I start clean face grab " Great cover-up concealer" in light warm, use the liquid foundation in my neutral 14 with a blending sponge which is amazing!!! Then finish with my love me neutral 14 powder. Love love!!!! Amazing make up!!!


Dec 28, 2014

  • sand 12

Since I love Michelle Phan how could I not try her cosmetics? I bought this and her foundation along with her Pillow Plush lip balm. I bought the shade in Sand 12, I was afraid it would be to light for me but the color match couldn't be more perfect. The coverage is light medium/ medium which I love. The packaging is cute and I love that the powder compact has a huge mirror and that the foundation has a pump. My face was so flawless looking after applied! Good job Michelle!!!!

Definite buy!

Dec 17, 2014

  • porcelain 02

I was given the opportunity to sample this product at Generation Beauty 2014! I love the way it felt on my face and how light it was.

Love it

Dec 14, 2014

  • ivory 01

This powder is like the best powder I've ever use!! I love the feeling of the powder on my face, so smooth and so clear. It makes me want to make up and look good everyday

Flawless Finish

Dec 11, 2014

  • ivory 01

Couldn't ask for a better powder. Matches my skin tone perfectly and gives me a smooth flawless finish all on its own. When I partner it with the liquid foundation I am ready for anything my night out has for me! I only wish it was bottomless. <3

my favorite powder foundation

Dec 2, 2014

  • shell 09

I have to say...this is my absolute favorite powder foundation i have ever used. The coverage is great yet really light feeling, and the shade matching is fantastic. 24 shades, so it was easy to find the right one for me.

I was invited to try product

My new favorite

Dec 1, 2014

  • ivory 01

I purchased this and got the free Love Me For Me foundation in the same color, and it is by far the best foundation I have used since CoverGirl NatureLuxe was discontinued. The foundation has a matte/natural finish, isn't too liquidy, and has a medium/buildable coverage. The powder is the only pressed powder that doesn't make me look like a powdered donut. I wish the price was lower, but I don't see me running out of the stuff too soon. I'll wait until the next sale and do the free foundation again. I think this could be good for all skin types.

Nothing Special

Nov 28, 2014

  • porcelain 02

Sorry, guys! But I was not really happy with it! I love packing, and love to use mirror! But when I use powder on my face, it feels dry on my skin.

shades are off!!!!!!

Nov 26, 2014

  • flesh 05

I purchased Flesh 5.. And really.. what the heck. The color's are so off on here. I'm returning it and ordering a lighter shade. I love the formula, but the shades are so off!

I have tried almost every em product cause of friends

Nov 24, 2014

  • ivory 01

I cant get em products without going to a different site to buy them but i am gonna share my exp with you. Powder foundation or colored finish powder ,using alone is not really good if you skin is not 99%smooth(1% is blemish)you should just use as finish powder or when hurry (for all powder foundation)cause your human its not like you can be perfect

perfect color match

Nov 21, 2014

  • shell 09

the best thing about this product for me was that the color that I ordered happened to match my skin perfectly, otherwise the texture is natural and I use it alone for a little bit of coverage every day


Nov 15, 2014

  • ivory 01

I bought this product mostly because I was attracted by the buy the powder get the foundation for free deal. I have always been forced to be very picky on what I put on my face because I have always had severe acne. This product feels so great and light on my skin and it covers really well and does not make me break out. I hope that in the future, em will consider making a line of foundation with acne medication in it, maybe similar to clinique?( I would purchase the concealer from em if it had a similar formula to the clinique acne concealer since all of my spot treating is for my acne and acne scars.) I would really encourage you to try this product, especially if you are someone who likes a lighter foundation with great coverage.

Great product!

Nov 5, 2014

  • sand 12

I like that the foundation has a great coverage and is light-weight which is super great because you could easily and equally spread the product on your face which is AMAZING. Plus, the most important is that it is like your own skin when you put it on yoyr face. I also like the packaging of the powder, it is so cute and it feels safe to carry around without having to worry too much that it might be smashed. However, it's just sad that I think the shade that I got is a little dark for me because one of the blogger said that it is similar to the shade of other product that I'm using. But whatever, it's not too bad. Another consequence is I just didn't like the smell, it bothers me to the point that I thought it was expired or something. But when you put it on your face, you wouldn't it smell anymore. So overall, it is worth buying and is a great deal because when you buy a foundation, you get a powder compact. Lastly, I love you Michelle! You are such an beautiful person that has a beautiful heart. ❤️

Perfect Together

Oct 31, 2014

  • alabaster 03

I have never encountered a shade so close to my skin tone! Both products go perfectly together, but that also means neither can be worn alone which might be disappointing for some more minimalist consumers. Overall though, the product is great for me!