Hometown: San Diego, CA.

Zodiac sign: Gemini 

Describe your job at EM in three words? Creative, curious, and strategic.  

Three beauty products you can’t live without?

Brush Tip Illustrative Eyeliner in Brown

EM Cosmetics Micro- Fluff Sculpting Brow Cream

EM Cosmetics Lip Cushion in Magic Hour

What is your go-to beauty look? 

Magic Hour Glow!

Lightly tap on peachy/pink shadow (Divine Skies "Magic Hour" eye shadow) on the lids and micro winged liner (Brush Tip Illustrative Eyeliner in Brown) with brow cream to fluff up brows to their full volume (Micro- Fluff Sculpting Brow Cream). 

Add some pearly glow to the cheeks (Heaven's Glow Radiant Veil in Magic Hour) and finish off with some  Lip Cushion in Magic Hour to add some moisture and some sheer color to the lips. 

What is a typical day in your role at EM Cosmetics?

Every day truly is different! But usually it's everything from testing and vetting new formulas to researching new components, and in between logistics with our warehouse about the timing of our latest launch. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

SuzyCakes Cupcakes! (let's be honest more than twice a week)  

What does your typical Sunday look like?

Trying to soak up as much time as possible with my family!

Which often involves soaking up some Vitamin D with a long hike or catching up on my Netflix/HBO faves. 

Hometown: Boston, MA.

Zodiac sign: Virgo 

Describe your job at EM in three words? Ever-changing, strategic, exhilarating.

Three beauty products you can’t live without?

Flexibrow Clear Brow Gel

SkinCeuticals C & Ferulic


What is a typical day in your role at EM Cosmetics?

There is no typical day at EM Cosmetics. Every day brings new challenges and experiences that enable me to learn and grow as a person. My day consists of completing deliverables for a multitude of Em Cosmetics projects.

As an inquisitive individual, I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to wear several hats and work on a variety of tasks beyond product development, such as regulatory and sourcing.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Whenever I get time to play video games with my hometown friends.

What does your typical Sunday look like?

My Sunday reset consists of going on an early morning hike or run, doing chores while watching morning news shows and listening to podcasts, catching up on my reading list, and getting a head start to the upcoming work week.

Hometown: Sacramento, CA.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Instagram: @Guitarrasara 

Describe your job at EM in three words? Creative, strategic & adventurous!  

Three beauty products you can’t live without?

★SPF Moisturizer

★Vitamin C Serum

★My vintage MAC brushes from the '90s!

 What is your go-to beauty look? 

Face:  Laniege Cushion foundation with SPF, liquid or stick concealer- typically Tarte Shape Tape or bareMinerals Bare Pro Concealer Stick, Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, Heaven’s Glow Blush in Faded Clementine topped with Color Drops Serum Blush in Soft Amethyst

Eyes: Rosy bronze eyeshadow-typically Mac Mulch + Bronze mixed together, with Makeup Geek Crème Brulee in the crease, Illustrative Eyeliner Brush Tip in either Black or Brown depending on the day, Volumizing Mascara (Brand varies depending on the day)

Brows: Micro-Fluff Sculpting Brow Cream in Blonde to lighten my brunette brows, Fine Liner Brow Pencil in Light Taupe to define and fill in sparse areas

Lips: Lip liner that matches my lip tone to create symmetry and slight fullness, topped with Lip Cushion in Magic Hour to add soft color, shine and comfort.

What is a typical day in your role at EM Cosmetics?

There’s no such thing as a typical day, when working with a fast-paced, goal-oriented brand; however, I’m often working on assortment planning, launch strategy, developing product concepts, and interfacing with suppliers. 

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I don’t have a TV or have cable at the moment, but if I did, I would watch infomercials!  I often watch infomercials in hotels when I’m traveling for work.  The marketing of “Instant gratification” really gets me…. Just buy the product, and it will solve your problem! It’s so satisfying to me.  And the cheesier the host, the better!

What does your typical Sunday look like?

Catching up on the competitive beauty landscape in the morning (from Bed, in PJs!), then getting outside for a hike or stroll on the beach.



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