Project EMpathy: Beauty Bus

Introducing Project EMpathy

Here at EM, we aspire to enrich our community through elevated beauty experiences, while being a sanctuary for self-care and providing a little of magic into people’s everyday lives. The Project EMpathy initiative aims to honor these commitments.

Meet Beauty Bus Foundation

Beauty Bus Foundation

We're partnering with Beauty Bus Foundation to celebrate kindness and compassion through giving back. Beauty Bus brings the caring touch of beauty and grooming services into hospitals and social service centers to support patients on their road to recovery.

Drops of Joy 

As a part of their services to the community, Beauty Bus provides complimentary Bags of Beauty filled with donated, full-size beauty and grooming products to every client, so the pampering can continue after the visit.

With our Buy One, Give One campaign, we are working with Beauty Bus to donate and assemble hundreds of goodie bags!  


Make an EMpact with us!


With every vegan leather bag sold, EM is committed to donating 100% of the proceeds to Beauty Bus Foundation.  



Taiga Hilliard February 04, 2023

I have independently given to the Beauty Bus in the past – well run organization that helps women. I am happy to see EM Cosmetics donating to this program!

Sheryl Bury-Michals January 20, 2023

Love this! ❤️

Maria January 14, 2023

the world needs more kindness and compassion.

Julissa Tollinchi January 14, 2023


Noreen Jameson December 27, 2022

Amazing job!

Sam Lagrimas December 26, 2022

This is amazing 👏 💕

Kari Padgett December 16, 2022

Love it!!

Chze Ning Goh December 06, 2022

Happy to know I’m supporting the right company:)

Virna Karla San Gabriel December 01, 2022

Its good to know, companies care for community.

Maleeha Rokash November 26, 2022

So awesome! Love this so much!

Sandra Moreno November 23, 2022


samantha gurrola November 22, 2022

This is so beautiful! Beautiful EM Cosmetic <3

Diem T Nguyen November 19, 2022

This is amazing! I really love that EM Cosmetics gives back to the community in such a thoughtful way!

Emma Lundy November 10, 2022

This is so sweet! Love that you guys also give back to the community 💕

Mary Le November 09, 2022

What a cool thing to be a part of!

Sarah Lander October 28, 2022

I donated a huge box of pristine (never used) beauty products and samples to this organization a while ago. And was happy all of it could go to people who could really use and enjoy them!

Sheryl Bury-Michals October 25, 2022


Candy Martinez October 25, 2022

Such a great compagny !

Sandrine Theberge October 24, 2022

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