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intense color eyeliner


inspired by the girl whose eyeliner is a desert island essential.

this richly pigmented liner grabs everywhere, including your waterline—without budging or smudging.



black night

In Stock

 in color black night

line your waterline

one thing i’ve always shared in my videos is lining your waterline. it’s a favorite trick of mine to complete any eye look! dark shades define. light shades brighten. it’s the perfect accessory for your eyes.

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Beautiful color, Bad packaging

Feb 28, 2014

  • royal amethyst

I got the amazing grey, and the color is lovely. My first two uses were flawless. It stays on the water line better than most. When I just went to use it for the third time, the entire stick flew into the sink (gross). The pencil itself never left my hand, so it is obviously a packaging issue. This product is way too expensive considering I only got to use it twice. If really should be sealed into the container better. Very disappointed. Will not repurchase. I also noticed when it fell out that there is not very much product to begin with, because that was the entire stick after two uses!


Aug 30, 2013

I haven't tried much of the other EM products but since this was on sale for a weekend, I thought, "Why not?" And boy was I glad I did. Over some excruciating decision making, I chose the Rose Gold. The first day I tried it on, I fell in love. The pigment was great, it was a distinct yet light color that brightened up my eyes. It also lasted for over 10 hours!! I mean come on... that usually doesn't happen. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd probably get more colors. That's the only downside, the price... Then again, all EM cosmetics are too expensive for a college student...

Pretty disappointed

Dec 1, 2013

  • black night

I was super excited to make my first em cosmetic purchases, as I have been an avid fan of Michelle's blog since 2008. I purchased several of the waterliners, including black night, royal amethyst, sunshine yellow, and ros gold. As soon as I took the cap off from the eyeliner, the entire pencil part came out. I thought it might just be the one color, but I've had several issues with the multiple pencils where the pencil part just comes out at once, and I have to push it back down and slowly twist the amount I want to use. In addition, I'm not sure if it's intended, but the part with the smudge, sometimes when I try to pull the cap off, the entire part comes off and I have to put it back on and try to gently lift just the cap. It made me feel like the packaging was on the cheap side. In general, the products are okay - I was hoping this would be the eyeliner that wouldn't smudge but I am still having issues with smudging. But I am definitely not pleased that the entire product keeps coming out of the packaging.

BEst waterliner!!

Jan 5, 2014

  • in the nude

I am absolutely IN love with this waterliner!! I am so glad I purchased this.. "In The Nude" was one of the Em Cosmetics i purchased and it is the ONLY thing i use now, it has a beautiful color payoff and brightens my whole eye up..not to mention it stays on all day!! I've told so many people about EM!!

want this in waterproof!

Jul 25, 2013


i really wanted to love the "in the nude" liner because i have been dying to get my hands on a good peachy shade to line my waterline. when I tried this on, i was in love - my eyes looked so bright and awake. however, my eyes are also prone to tearing, and within the hour most of the liner had washed away. for something that will be used on the waterline, i feel that a strong waterproof formula is a must.

I was invited to try product

Great color/bad packaging

Mar 31, 2014

  • black night

I bought one in black night. The pigment is great and it comes on really well. Great blending too. However, the moment I took it out of the packaging and opened the cap the pencil/color stick flew out of the holder. I thought it was a fluke, so I bought another black night and also a ros gold. Same thing. I opened the cap and one came out immediately, the other came out when I gave it one shake. Love the color, but super disappointed in how sturdy they are. Now I have to be hyper aware they don't fall out. And when you twist it for it to rise all the way up, it doesn't peak through the base, so I cannot melt it on myself.

Breaks easily

Apr 2, 2014

  • royal amethyst

I've read many reviews about how the waterliner broke easily but I assumed it wouldn't happen to me since I take great care of my stuff. I purchased the emerald and black night sticks. The black night stick broke after only two uses. I was going to use it a third time when it flew out and landed on my counter. For the money, I wouldn't purchase it anymore considering it's a common issue.

Beautiful color, horrible packaging

Apr 1, 2014

  • ros gold

this waterliner is such a beautiful color, its highly pigmented and stays on for quite a while however, when i first got it, the product just fell out. when i stuck it back in, it just broke in half. Now im kind of nervous about buying it again because it only seems like few get good quality liners

Product eyeliner twists up to about 3 cm or 1 1/4 inch long

Nov 18, 2013

  • black night

i love the product itself and the idea was genius! It glides on smoothly and I also love the packaging! They also provide a return label just in case if anything is damaged. I will be returning my black night waterliner because it's broken. anyways, I love ros gold! It's a beautiful color! It truly made my eyes pop! This is just what I wanted! Instead of ros gold eye shadow on my waterline, I can now use this! :) however, i was pretty disappointed to see how much product there was in the eyeliner. if you twist the eyeliner, it is about 3 cm or 1 1/4 inch long. I feel like I spent a lot on this product and it could have more eyeliner product. Urban Decay has $19 eyeliner that weighs about 0.04 oz, not 0.01 oz. I was aware of the product weighing less and was expecting it to be small, but the eyeliner product was smaller than I thought it would be. Overall, I love the waterliner, but not so much the small amount of eyeliner. The price is also overpriced for lots of young michelle phan fans.


Aug 30, 2013

  • emerald

Eyeliners are one of my big problem areas when it comes to makeup. I have extremely sensitive eyes and allergies so there is a lot of rubbing, watering, and product sensitivity going on. I have had to deal with the fact that 30 minutes after I put eyeliner on I'm going to be wearing it under my eye in huge smudges or its going to come off all over my hands. In all honesty I was expecting that Em's waterliner in Emerald was going to be exactly the same. THANK GOD! I was so wrong. First, it is probably the smoothest glide I've had on a pencil. I have fairly loose lips, they wrinkle up and it can make getting a straight smooth line hard. I didn't have any problems at all. Then the color. AMAZING! it was this brilliant green that made my green hazel eyes just pop with color. I used the smudge at the other end just lightly to smooth it out. The First thing I noticed after putting it on was that I wasn't rubbing it like crazy. I have a few drugstore eyeliners that have made my eyes itch like crazy. I didn't even notice I was wearing eyeliner. I work a lot, my sleep is mostly catnapping and I rarely remember to remove my makeup so I end up sleeping in it a lot. Not great to do I know and I always end up with raccoon eyes in whatever color eyeliner I was wearing. I got up from my nap and was surprised to find that I didn't have green raccoon eyes in fact, I realized I'd had it on for almost 24 hrs and the only thing that had happened was it went from bold and popping to smooth and smokey. I absolutely love this product and have already recommended it all over the place. I'm definitely going to stick with Em when it comes to eyeliners and can't wait to purchase more. The only con - The price. I'm a freelance writer and one a fairly restrictive budget. I'd love to see this at a slightly cheaper price so I could afford to purchase more all the time instead of just a couple times a year.

not going to repurchase

Dec 29, 2013

  • bronze kiss

I got this waterliner in "bronze kiss". From all of these reviews, I hoped it was going to be really good. The pigmentation when you swatch it is great. However, when you put it on your waterline, the color is half of the pigmentation you get on your hand. Building it up just hurt my eyes after a while. It's so light, you could hardly see it. However, it does have a light golden-y color to it. It comes off so easily. When you try to pull down your eye a little bit, you can see a clean mark of where your finger took the product off. It's not very long lasting. Then all of a sudden, the entire stick of stuff just popped out and fell all over the floor. The packaging is not very good, the pigmentation is disappointing, and the price does not fit the performance of the product.

Broke In Less than 30 days

Jan 3, 2014

  • black night

I bought 2 of these. I love the texture (very smooth) but both lines have broken even though they are only extended 1/16 of an inch out of the packaging. There is no excuse for these not to last more than 30 days :( I wouldn't buy again


Mar 2, 2014

  • black night

I love it, but it broke easily when I tried to sharpen it. Only a month used and gone because it breaks EASY. So be careful, but I love the feel and the long lasting. Buying it again when I can : )

how can i not love these?

Mar 13, 2014

  • ros gold

i purchased five of these: ros gold, royal amethyst, black night, chocolate dream, and sunshine yellow. i absolutely love these! they are creamy and glide on so well, and they last! for my eyes though, i will always experience some sort of smudging with pencil liners. that's just how my eyes are, no pencil liner has ever gone the whole day without smudging. no high end or drugstore pencil liner has before, and i've learned to live with that. but i must say, i experience minimal smudging with these, which is why i love these so much. to address the packaging, yes i have also experienced the whole thing falling out. no, it's not a big deal to me. i just pushed it back in very carefully and it hasn't fallen back out. i don't believe that this problem is an impossible fix, i'm pretty sure you could also just melt the bottom a little bit and stick it back in and it'd stay too. i didn't need to do that, but it's an idea. however, i do feel that this shouldn't happen at all considering this is supposed to be high end makeup, but the product itself is so great i don't even want to complain about that. and the amount of product there is, at least from my experience, this is a very standard amount in a twist up liner. i wouldn't complain about how much there is because every liner i have purchased that is a twist up all have this much. don't complain about how much product you're getting, it is normal! overall, these are one of the best products i have ever bought! i got them on the black friday sale, so if you're griping about the cost, be patient and wait for the sales. i know most of us are used to immediacy, but it's one thing over the other. if you want to save money, then wait. that's what i did, and i'm a college student, it's doable!


Apr 17, 2014

  • black night

I was so excited to try this product however the pencil was broken into pieces when I opened it. I put the pieces back in just to try it and it works well! It gets drawn on easily and really pigmented. I have oily skin but it managed to stay on for a good few hours. But after all I was quite disappointed cause I specially had my friend to bring it to me from the U.S before they started offering international shipping. From other comments I can see that I am not the only one who had this problem. I hope they fix it soon!

It will stay on forever!

Jul 13, 2013


One of the best waterliner i've ever used! it goes on smooth and it last forever.

I was invited to try product

Great color

Jul 19, 2013

great color and eyeliner goes on smooth and easily.

I was invited to try product

Smoke, sweat, steam! it lives!

Sep 13, 2013

  • teal tease

I love this liner, theres no other way for me to explain how much I love it. I work in a pizza place and I do 3-4 different jobs there. From cashier, cook and deliveries on occasion and this liner has lived through it all, the sweat, heat of the fire and steam! Even better when I need to go out, it sticks and stays put even in the rain. Its creamy and goes on nice and cleanly and can be smudged for a smokey look if needed though.

loved this for my waterline.

Oct 3, 2013

  • ros gold

I got this product because I wanted to use an easy to use liner on my waterline. The product was so effortless to swipe on to my waterline. The color Ros Gold was a shimmery peach; I wasn't sure if it would stand out so much during the day, but it gave this subtle brightness to my eyes. Like others have said, I would have liked a waterproof version of this even more because my waterline gets moist easily. However, the product still lasted an hour or two, even though it's not waterproof. I also appreciated the blending knob at the other end of the stick - haven't used it, but it was a nice plus to have one ready to use if need be.

Love the color, super cheap packaging

Dec 3, 2013

  • ros gold

I bought the Ro's Gold and Chocolate Dream liners. I love the colors. The product is creamy at first then dries and stays put! However, the big downside is the actual packaging. It is beyond cheap. I have eyeliners that cost me $2 from CVS that have more heavy duty than these. I'm honestly afraid to open them because they seem so fragile! They should keep the formula the same, and do a major upgrade on the packaging.