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inspired by the fun of dressing up for any party and being the center of attention!



party life

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Great Idea, but...

Mar 8, 2014

  • beach

I love this idea, but how can I want to get a refill for a particular color? Do we have to buy the whole palette again?

Love! but...

Feb 3, 2014

  • career

I have a 1 year old and my husband works nights in the military so all day, I'm chasing our daughter around the house, taking the dog in and out (we live in an apartment, no backyard), going to the store, doctor appointments, the post office - doing whatever needs to be done. I needed something that I wouldn't have to touch up constantly or worry about fall out or smudging. When my husband got me the Career Life Palette as a present I was super excited - a little heldback. But I was pleasantly surprised. Routinely throughout the day, I'll check my makeup and it'll still be in place, still be as vibrant as when I first applied it. Obviously, like with most makeup, it lasts and looks better with primer but without, the quality of the eyeshadows is awesome. Two quirks I don't care for though are how shallow the dishes are that the brush and picker stick are in. They fall out very easily and with my daughter, I can't have that because she'll swoop them up and do heaven knows what. Also, they're clear so if they do fall out, they're hard to find (for me, anyways. My daughter doesn't seem to have an issue). Aside from that, how close together the powders are to the gloss. I haven't gotten eyeshadow or blush into the lip colors but that's partially because as soon as I got the palette, I pulled the lip colors out and put them into the mini travelling case my palette came with. Since its all magnetic, they stay even if the well they're in is to big but still - it takes away from the overall look and I think its a little ridic I have to even do that to keep the product from getting ruined. Suggestions? Color the stick and brush, make their slots in the palette deeper, clippable or maybe add an easy slide out drawer somewhere for them to sit to eliminate them getting lost so easily. As for the lip colors, maybe put a cap on those or rearrange the layout so they aren't sitting so close to the powders and you don't run the risk of ruining them by accidently mixing product.


Aug 19, 2013

I'm so happy for everyone that created this, but wow..... first off this was really expensive. Everyone knows that makeup isn't a necessity, if anything they've could have made it way more affordable. If the price was set, then the look of the products should change. I'm really sorry but it looks tragically cheap (does not match up with the price). I want to continue to support em, I just need a reason to. I'm sure you'll attract more customers if the price and product theme is changed.


Jul 13, 2013

  • Career

I love this palette ! I travel for work and its really hard to find a palette that combines all colors that I can use for work and has blushes, eyeshadows and lipcolors ! This palette has it all ! Also it is a very great quality and the shadows glide on smoothly ! As a flight attendant I need to look on point every day but still don't want to carry around an extra back just for makeup ! This palette is the solution ! It has a great value as you get 4 different looks for the price !

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love Michelle, couldn't not buy

Sep 6, 2013

  • career

I got my career palette in the mail and the packaging was beautiful and, as someone who doesn't usually buy expensive make up, I was VERY impressed with the quality of the shadows. However after using the palette for a week I did notice some drawbacks. Because of how close the blush, shadow and lip colors are sometimes I would apply blush and notice black on my face from the shadow! and if you get some shadow in the lip color it will just never come out, Also the shadow picker tool and double sided brush(I love them both) are stored in very shallow holes and fall out, then I have to search my floor for a tinny CLEAR tool. The picker is an important part of this palette and it just seems way too easy to lose! But these issues are all things I can work around and the over all product is super fantastic and I will defiantly buy more from em in the future!!!

love!! but...

Oct 10, 2013

  • career

I got a sample of the Career Palatte a recent Ipsy Bag, and I LOVED it! Perfect colors for my skin tone, and the products were super long-wearing. However, I came on here to purchase the complete palatte, and it's honestly out of the realm of affordability for me... Maybe in the future. I'm so sad :(

Love/Hate relationship

Feb 16, 2014

  • career

I love how I can get 4 sets of makeup pallets in one life pallet and I love how the colors for each section go together beautifully. I would, however, would like to be able to change one/two of the four sections out for colors I would actually wear. The problems that I found are: lip balms are too close to the dark eye shadow/eye liner color (I have actually taken out all of my lip colors and put them into the small compact so they don't get ruined. I would like to see a change in that set up), and I have also noticed that if I forget to put on my eye primer, this makeup bleeds horribly within two to three hours.

Love it and totally worth it! Especially the price!

Apr 3, 2014

  • day life

I have been watching Michelle phan for years so when she realised her makeup i HAD to buy some. I live in australia, lucky a friend who lived in us shipped it to me. It was worth the extra cost in postage. I see a lot of comments about the price. Honestly this is sooooo cheap. Come to australia our make-up over here is twice the price paid in the US. So when i saw it I bought it! in fact. I have 4 out of the 6now. Soon all of them. The eye shadows are one of the bests i have come across and very pigmented. They go on easy and stay on!! and when you combined it with the eye primer from EM it will not be going anywhere. I love now i have 4 choices of blush. I mix and match the colours up to create my own thing. The whole Life pallet idea is amazing!! It is that one thing, that every women wants and loves. it has everything she needs, with the option of easy transport with the travel kit. In my opinon EM comestices is worth it. I now do monthly-second mothly orders for me and a couple of other girls and get it shipped over, because its works out cheaper and better than Other cosmetics for same and higher prices.

So far, so Fantastic!

Sep 12, 2013

  • day life

Just got my Day Life Palette today and began experimenting with looks and I must say I am very pleased! I was a bit concerned because as a black woman with golden tone, light brown skin, I worried that the colors wouldn't show up on me well. Thankfully I was mistaken. The colors POP on my eyes, the cheek colors are fab (I use the lighter cheek colors as highlights) and the lip colors work well with my skin. LOVE THIS!

Good idea, poor execution

Sep 30, 2013

  • career

Blushes are soft and pigmented. Lip colors are nice. Most eye shadows are good. Some are not as pigmented, but they all blend well on the eyes. Some eye shadows are powdery and they fall into the lip products. I wish the palette came without any lip colors or the lip products came in a separate palette. It was a hassle just keeping the excess powders off the lip products. I will just get the refills of my favorite shades when they become available.

beautiful metallics

Aug 24, 2013

I've recently tried this palette and it's good. The metallic shades are my favorites, they're soft and buttery and extremely pigmented. The lips colors are sheer, do not expect an amazing pigmentation, they act like a gloss and last about 2-3 hours without reapplying. I honestly love the blushes, especially the first shade, reminds me of my MAC Melba blush... It's a good palette.

Amazing, worth the wait

Dec 16, 2013

  • day life

I am a fulltime mom and work part-time in a University setting. I wasn't a big make-up girl until I saw Michelle on the Katie Couric show and was inspired to try new looks. I asked my husband to get me the day life and career life pallettes for my bday. I had to wait a long month to get them until my bday arrived. I was concerned I'd be disappointed b/c I built them up so much in my mind but boy I wasn't at all. The colors are beautiful. Michelle's tip sheet and online tutorials are amazing and make me feel confident to wear her products and not look like a 4 year old who got a hold of mom's makeup. This makeup isn't just for 20 somethings but us 30 somethings can benefit from it too. Thank you MIchelle. People say your makeup is expensive but it is high quality and your tips, tutorials and inclusion of the application info make it all worth it.

I love my Love life Palette

Dec 21, 2013

  • love life

I was so excited when my friend from America brought me my me Michelle products, and that for a reason! The Love Life Life Palette is absolutely amazing. The quality is really good and the colors are beautiful. I also love the small Travel Palette because it is just so handy. The products is definitely worth the Price and I am happy I bought them!!!


Apr 10, 2014

  • love life

I bought the love life and the beach palette. They both have amazing colors. The shadows stay all day. I do use eye primer but i am sure w/o it will be fine too. Michelle is an inspiration. I have been following her since she started on you tube and I learned all my makeup tricks from her. Thank You Michelle. The past 38 years of my life I have never heard this from a stranger. I was at a fast food drive thur line rolling down the window the cashier just look at me and said WOW you are beautiful so flawless. I have never had a stranger said that to me at all. :-) its a good feeling. I was wearing look #3 from the love palette.


Jul 25, 2013

  • Beach

The beach life paleTte is amazing.. i think i only look good with a tan, so its perfect for me.. I have olive skin with freckles, and it gives me glow and warm tan look that I LOVE. THE LIPGLOSS COLORS GIVE YOU A WIDE VARIETY OF SHADES TO CHOOSE FROM, ACCENTUATING THE GLOWY-LOOK.

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Aug 14, 2013

Love this product. My new favorite makeup brand!!!

Fun palette

Sep 13, 2013

  • career

I really do like these palettes! I bought the Career Life first and have now purchased the Party and Night palettes. Are these the most pigmented shadows I own? No. But they are still workable and so far every color I've tried has been great and fully usable. For some the price may seem high, but I still think they are a great buy just because you literally get so many looks in one palette. I'm always on the go and I find that one of my favorite things about these is the convenience of just reaching for this one item. The blushes are great and I enjoy the lip colors as well. I own plenty of brands from Urban Decay, Smashbox, Tarte, Too Faced, etc... and I think EM will fit right in. Great job. Fun palette.


Sep 11, 2013

  • beach

I just got my order of the sample size beach palette. Very disappointed of how it comes. It doesn't look like to be even worth 10 dollar. Its a paper case with three tiny eye shadow on. Very very cheaply wrapped. Not gonna return it, coz you have to be responsible for return fee. Don't even want to use it. so ridiculous.

all wonderful—go for it

Feb 3, 2014

  • career

I have pale skin, dark hair, and an affinity for neutrals, but wanted a bit more "oomph" than the paler-neutral day palette. Career palette is great, as it's largely neutral with one quadrant having a little lavender color. The blushes are all especially fabulous as, if you're as pale as I am, they work as a contouring shade. Everything in the Career one has deep color payoff. I've been craving this since it debuted and I'm so glad I finally went for it. To those who may balk at the price of this palette, imaging going to a makeup store and buying 24 eyeshadows, four blushes and eight lipsticks individually and consider the amount you'd have to pay. This palette is worth every penny when you break it down. I only wish I'd waited a week for when the price dropped! (But I'd do it all again.) In the photo, I'm wearing mostly Power Suit, with lip color "dressed up" from Natural Talent.

Day palette

Jul 19, 2013

  • Day Life


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