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the great cover up

ultimate concealer


inspired by the girl who needs a little help after staying up all night.

reset your look with this surprising lightweight yet creamy, natural skin finish concealer. cover up even the worst skin sins.



medium neutral / cool

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the great cover up by EM

conceal your little secrets...

got a pesky blemish? stay up all night and now it’s showing? don’t worry, i’ve got you covered! the great cover up is the best beauty weapon to conceal any little secret on your face. this concealer is highly pigmented yet surprisingly lightweight so it blends easily and doesn’t cake.

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really like it

Oct 23, 2014

  • light neutral / cool

I got this last christmas when they had buy one get one free, so I got 2. The color wasn't as light as i was hoping it would be so i put it back in the box and planned on sending it back, but then after summer, I tried it again and the color suited my tan nicely and it still looks good now. I haven't even used up one bottle, a little bit goes a long way. it has really good coverage, blends well, And i can't feel it on my face. A couple complaints I have are that it makes my skin very oily, and it settles in creases.

Worst concealer ever

Oct 12, 2014

  • medium warm

It looks cakey, makes me look horrible, and after a few months the consistency changed. It looks like water now. IDK what happened. I am very disappointed with this product. Avoid it if you can, there are many good concealers for LESS $$$


Oct 11, 2014

  • fair warm

this concealer really does the job! most of the concealers that i have tried were light to medium coverage, this has freaking amazing full coverage and stays on my face all day! Michelle really did an amazing job with this one. #thegreatcoverup # michellephan #emcosmetics #love it

Wrong color.

Oct 9, 2014

  • medium neutral / cool

I really wanted to love this, but I bought the wrong color. It covers my dark circles very well, and feels nice when worn, but doesn't match my skin tone in the least.

REview for both the neutralizer and light warm

Sep 24, 2014

  • the neutralizer

I have light to medium skin with yellow/olive undertone. I purchase the Neutralizer and Light Warm. The packaging squeeze isn't so appealing but it's NECESSARY because you are getting out all the concealer so you don't have to break the tube a part to get the last bit of concealer that is left inside. The Neutralizer really helps counter act the purple/blue color under your eyes. The consistency is a little thick but creamy so you NEED to set it with powder or else it will start to slide on the face. I really enjoy The Neutralizer but the light warm, not so much. Its a little lighter than me, medium warm could work but its a little tad dark. However, I apply this over The Neutralizer in a triangle form to brighten my under eyes but I feel it can be a little cakey doing so.

it really is the great cover up

Sep 13, 2014

  • fair neutral / cool

Now, I only have used the great cover up in "fair/neutral cool" in the sample card that came with my recent purchase. It did an absolute amazing job concealing my dark circles and blemishes. There were only two things that bothered me though. One was that it DID seem a bit cake-y. But perhaps I applied it wrong. Second, is that I think the lightest color is a little bit TOO dark for me. I had red hair and a very, very fair complexion and I really did have to put a lot of effort into blending. The second part is just my own thing though. Other than that it really does live up to its name!

Forget it

Sep 5, 2014

  • deep warm

I am truly disappointed in this product. There was so much hype about it, so I decided to give it a go. Since I have oily skin, I always use primer before putting make up on. As I started to blend this on my face, my face stated looking cakey and you could see little bits dead skin I missed on my face when washing, and fine hairs on my face. I washed it off immediately, ans will NOT be purchasing this again. I normally start with a small amount on a small area and add more if needed, but that small amount made my face look unnatural.

Hate the packaging

Aug 26, 2014

  • light warm

I've had this for 9 months and don't reach for it often. Maybe 3 times. And it's been cakey, hard to apply and not my favorite product. I think if the packaging wasn't just a tube, and had an applicator, that would be nice. But the quality isn't fantastic for the price.


Jul 26, 2014

  • the neutralizer

I wanted to like this concealer so much but when squeeze out the product, it is like tinted water. It happens every time which disappoints me so much but overall it is smooth and lightweight.

best concealer in the universe

Jul 21, 2014

  • light neutral / cool

I've tried so many concealers from drugstore to high end,

it's a like

Jun 29, 2014

  • medium neutral / cool

I'm hispanic and bought the medium neutral cool. I think it could have gone for light neutral cool though. In any case, I only bought this for a photo shoot I had with my salon and figured I'd better cover up since we were going to be in a magazine. I don't wear concealer because my skin tone is extremely even and no natural dark circles. There isn't much to hide besides pimples. Anyway, I wore it for the photo shoot and thought it was okay. For me it took a while to blend into my skin (again b/c of my even skin tone and I think I should have gone a shade lighter). The consistency is not that bad and feels like butter. Overall, it's okay.


Jun 28, 2014

  • light warm

This concealer has good medium to full coverage, but the texture is way too thick and looks too matte on the skin and cakey if you try to layer it (The texture reminds me of a thicker version of Tarte's Amazonian clay foundation). I think this works best to cover acne/redness, but will make my under eyes look puffy and dry. The color range is also very limited, but it's fortunate that some shades are warm in tone instead of every color being neutral.

Love it

Apr 7, 2014

  • medium warm

Got this as a gift and love it. Pretty good coverage.

A winner! i heart this concealer!

Apr 6, 2014

  • medium neutral / cool

i've used MAC, Benefit, Bobbi Brown, and some drugstore brands, and the Em concealer is comparable, if not better, than some that I've used before. I am cool toned, so the medium neutral/cool seemed like a safe bet. I love the texture because i can easily blend it with a brush, or my fingertips, and the color match is great for my skin tone, and doesn't rub off. I've been impressed, and the price is fantastic since concealer is one of those items i use regularly and need to replace consistently. I will not hesitate to re-purchase this when I run out. thank you, Michelle and Em, for creating a great product!


Apr 3, 2014

  • light neutral / cool

This is one of the first products I've tried from em and it only made me keep wanting more! It matches my skin tone perfectly and really does cover up everything even when I use the smallest amount. I personally like it better than the Nars creamy concealer which creased and looked a little cakey. This is perfect and has lasted me a few months now and seems like it will last for many more (and then will be repurchased.) It is highly pigmented and lasts all day. Also, it is definitely worth the price. With many other costly concealers out there, this one does the job better and is cheaper.

Disappointed :-(

Mar 30, 2014

  • medium neutral / cool

I had high expectations for this product, wanted to love it. Immediately looked cakey after application. Color was nice and it matched quite well, it was the texture that got me.

doesn't work for me

Mar 26, 2014

  • fair neutral / cool

I was really excited when I bought this concealer but it doesn't work for me. I have really dry, fair skin. This concealer was way to warm and dark for my skin. Even tough I bought fair nuteral/cool. Too make it even worse it lookt really cakey on my dry skin.

tHE Great cover up!

Mar 23, 2014

  • deep warm

I am very picky with my concealers. As soon as I saw a video of Michelle Phan covering a black marker heart on her wrist, with this I had to buy it. Very creamy, easy to use, extremely blendable, can't live without it. The size is pretty small, but you really, really just need a dot for the whole face.

brings out my dryness

Mar 9, 2014

  • fair neutral / cool

There are pros and cons to this product. The color and texture are more than outstanding! It blends so well and really covers everything up, but it really dries out my skin and not only that but it also enhances my dry skin patches.

average concealer

Mar 7, 2014

  • the neutralizer

If you are looking for a high coverage concealer that will blend flawlessly and not leave you oily then this is NOT it. I don't know if the reason is my particular skin type (oily combo) is the reason that this did not work for me or my skin color but this was not worth the hype. I Purchased two tubes, one in neutralizer which seemed slightly too light and one in deep warm which was far too dark. It might be that I am not adept at finding my own concealer shade, but the two colors when mixed seemed to match my skin tone fine. However, even though my shade was matched, the coverage was sub par in my experience. It did not -on its own cover my acne scars or hide very much of my discoloration. I set it with powder and on a separate occasion even layered it under my em foundation and set and finally got a solid cover though. But by the end of the day, for both trials, my face was an oily cakey mess. I am someone who uses concealer on a daily basis and this did not work for me. Especially if have to buy two separate tubes just to make my skin tone. Still a fan of em, but this could use some work.