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creamy color matte lipstick


inspired by the girl who craves sophistication.

a creamy, matte finish without feeling dry. rich conditioners cushion lips for hours.



just fab

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 in color just fab

i love lip color!


if you have fair skin, try and use nudes pinks and light corals.


those with a medium skin tone can go a bit darker. you'll look great in roses, mauves and berries. but you can still rock a light color.


for those with a deeper skin color, work the caramels and the browns. and you can totally rock the plums.

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Dec 8, 2014

  • on the prowl

It wasn't accurate in the picture but for the quality of the product, I can't complain. It is amazing


Dec 8, 2014

  • passion berries

I've been a huge fan of Michelle for years now, and I finally got the chance to try out some of her products and I am SO impressed! I'm hispanic, so I have a warm undertone and this color is beautiful with my complexion. Color is very pigmented, long lasting, and really hydrating. Fall and winter are my favorite times to wear darker lip colors and this is absolutely perfect! I usually use Lancome products, but I'm loving this!

A great matte red

Dec 8, 2014

  • wine stain

This is a great bright matte lipstick. It isn't very moisturizing but the color is great and it lasts for a really long time. I also purchased Passion Berries. I still like the color but it is a little too dark for me, it comes out like a dark magenta.

this lipstick >>>>> anything else

Nov 26, 2014

  • bachelorette

This lipstick is probably my favorite one out there. It is so creamy, and has a beautiful, clean, fresh scent. The one thing the brought it down, however, is that by the end of the day, it just about completely wiped off of my lips, except for around the very outside. The colors on the website aren't very accurate either, but I like the color I got better than the one on the website. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, because one reapplication is plenty, and three different finishes? Wow.

best lip color ever!

Nov 24, 2014

  • bachelorette

the lip is matte, and the color is beautiful. i would give it a 10 out of 10, but the color is not like the shade as the website, but it's O.K.


Nov 20, 2014

  • bachelorette

i purchased 9 to 5 and bachelorette... completely different colors than the online swatches. 9 to 5 is a barbie pink and bachelorette is a plum. i was okay with bachelorette but barbie pink is a big no no for me. these weren't very long-lasting and required me to reapply throughout the day. they settle into fine lines and taking it off is difficult. they're also really drying. i'm disappointed.

It's just amazing

Oct 10, 2014

  • passion berries

I brought the lipstick back in July and it was absolutely amazing, I don't even have words for it. The color is so vibrant and goes amazing with my complexion, since it moves the focus to my lips. Even my boyfriend loves this shade (he wears it as a joke, though) over the sheer one I purchased as well. This is by far my favorite lipstick of all time!

So different the color

Oct 2, 2014

  • uptown

Its totally different the color, than here, even in the pic, looks so different and when you out on it, the color is like a bubblegum ! :(

Great quality!

Sep 12, 2014

  • cuddling

I bought this in the shade of Cuddling and I love it! Although the color was a bit brighter than how I would usually like my lipsticks, the quality of the stick itself is wonderful. Like the description, it's creamy, moisturizes your lips, and easy to apply on. It's light, so it feels very natural as well. Looking forward to trying out the other colors!


Sep 12, 2014

  • nine to five

I was a little nervous buying a lipstick at first because I'm not much of a lipstick wearer. However, I absolutely LOVE this product! I've tried many brands, but this one is without a doubt my favorite! I have it in "nine to five" right now (though I plan to get more) and I think it fits well with my pale complexion. This matte lipstick won't dry out your lips either! And it's so light that half the time I forget I'm wearing it. Definitely try this!!

The perfect lipstick

Sep 6, 2014

  • passion berries

This is by far the easiest and prettiest lipstick to apply that I have ever bought. The color is vibrant but not too outspoken either. You only need a little to get a lot of color, so the lipstick will last for a while. It's definitely very matte, but very creamy at the same time. It melts onto your lips with a powdery feel,and you don't even feel like you're wearing lipstick. Well worth the money as long as you get the right shade for your skin. I've never used an entire tube of lipstick before, but I think I just might with this one!

Great quality

Aug 8, 2014

  • uptown

what i love: - very very matte - surprisingly moisturising - stays on for quite some time, without transferring too much (when drinking) what i don't like: - when i received the lipstick, the bullet looks rather damaged but still usable. - the colour is not that close to what shown on the website - i say about 70% i would re-purchase if there are more colours :)

the wow factor

Aug 5, 2014

  • passion berries

i originally got this color as a sample. i've worn this twice and received so many compliments, that i may just have to get my own tube! even with my lazy outfit with no other make up on besides the lipstick, it is truly the wow factor. every time i wear this to work everyone thinks i'm going on a date! it's a great way to spice up your look and still stand out.

Best thing ever!

Aug 2, 2014

  • passion berries

I was really skeptical about ordering make up online because I had heard that it came in the mail messed up. I ordered this lipstick and it came packaged perfectly, no scratches or anything. I was very impressed and its still in my room. It doesn't melt nor does it smudge anywhere. Mind you, its summer and its still going strong! I love it! Its such a ravishing color! I recommend 100%!


Jul 23, 2014

  • just fab

Got 'Just Fab' yesterday but when i opened it the entire bullet was stuck to the lid. Overall, I just feel like the packaging could've been alot better. What a shame - emailed the Em team. Hopefully they can send a replacement asap!


Jul 14, 2014

  • wine stain

I was so excited when I received the lipstick in the mail. However, I was not happy when I opened it. The lipstick bullet was slashed in half and even though I tried fixing it per Michelle's previous DIY video" Lipstick Bullet", the bullet was still broken. On the other hand, the formula was creamy and darker than on the webpage. In conclusion, you have to be cautious when purchasing a lipstick.


Jun 29, 2014

  • hot tangerine

I am so excited that finally i got my package. But it turns out one of the lipstick were broken. I was fine when i open them one by one and see small mark there and there but not until this one. so dissapointing.

Love it!

May 7, 2014

  • wine stain

I purchased 4 colors, (on the prowl, 9 to 5, wine stain and passion berries) and I love them all. They look great and last all day. The formula is not too drying and the texture is really nice. For work I just dab a little on for a subtle look but if you apply it with a brush the color payoff is really good! These are my new favorites. I used to only wear lipstick for special occasions but now I wear it everyday!

Great pigment that lasts all day

Apr 14, 2014

  • bachelorette

Love, love, love this matte lipstick. I am Hispanic with medium-tan skin tone and the hot pink shade, Bachelorette, really pops on me! I receive tons of compliments every time I wear it. Lasts all day through coffee drinking, lunch eating, etc. I want more shades!


Apr 3, 2014

  • passion berries

After being such a fan of Michelle Phan for so long, I was so excited to try her line of cosmetics (because who would you trust more than the makeup master herself?!) And every one of the products I've tried has gone way beyond what I expected! This lipstick is perfectly creamy and lasts for hours. It's the best color for a more intense look and dark enough to be a little more daring. But you can also apply very little and achieve a nice darker pink color for a more casual look. If you're looking to experiment with more outgoing colors, this is definitely your best bet. Plus, I've never seen a similar color from any other brand. The way it appears in her videos is very true to it's actual color. Love..just no words...